Cointiply Home Page
Cointiply Home Page

Cointiply offers several different ways to earn Bitcoins. The site uses “Coins” as the unit of credit received from faucets, games and offers, which is tied to the dollar at the rate of 10,000 coins to $1.00, and is converted to a cryptocurrency when withdrawn from the system. There is a loyalty bonus which increases prizes by 1% for every day you are active.

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The Faucet

Cointiply Faucet
Cointiply Faucet

Cointiply offers a faucet which rolls a number between 1 and 99,999 and can be rolled once per hour. The range of faucet prizes is relatively small and not by themselves very impressive (22 – 280 coins as of May 2020, with a 1.5x “Cointiplier”), but is decent compared to other faucets. The faucet also rewards extra coins when rolling a prime number.

The Jackpot

The most exciting part of the faucet is the jackpot, which you can win by rolling 99,999. It starts at 100,000 coins and frequently reaches 500,000+ coins ($50.00).

The Cointiplier

An additional feature is the Cointiplier, which will increase the prize amounts by up to double. The multiplier is determined by your activity on the site and is periodically updated. To increase the Cointiplier amount, you must participate in multiple different activities — just playing the faucet is not enough!

Offer Walls

Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet Offer Walls

Cointiply offers many types of “offers” to earn coins, including surveys, app installs and signups and videos. Many of the surveys pay 50,000 coins or more (sometimes several hundred thousand). Some surveys pay just to determine if you are eligible. Some surveys are be difficult to get into, but are VERY well-paying. New surveys become available (depending on the vendor) hourly or daily. App installs and signups can be very well-paying (again, up to several hundred thousand) if you don’t mind installing apps on your devices. Videos are typically low-paying and are based on watch time or ad views.

The Multiplier

Cointiply BTC Multiplier Game
Cointiply BTC Multiplier Game

In this game, you wager any number of coins, then click on “targets” on the screen, hoping to avoid the randomly placed “bad” targets (reminiscent of Minesweeper). All targets look the same when generated, but when clicked on will change to red gems (the good targets) or black gems (bad targets). A random number of bad targets are generated, with the minimum being zero. For each red gem that is revealed, the prize multiplier increases, up to the maximum for 11 targets of 61.3 (a 100 coin wager would win 6,130 coins). Revealing a black gem will cause you to lose the round (and your wager). You can quit the round at any time and take your winnings.

Chat Rain

Cointiply Chat Rain

By adding quality posts to the Cointiply chat, you can qualify for a share of the Chat Rain Pool. More quality posts will lead to a higher share of the pool. The pool value increases as members earn coins on the site (more member activity means more coins in the pool), and by member donations. When the pool is full, it pays out to members based on their share of meaningful chat messages.

Earn Interest

Accounts with balances of at least 35,000 coins will earn 5% annual interest on the whole balance. Interest is calculated daily and paid weekly.


PTC ads are a simple way to earn coins. The upside is that all you have to do is click the link and look at the site for a certain amount of time. The downside is they are typically low-paying. You can also create your own.


Cointiply has many games to play to earn coins. The games are the usual simple word, card, puzzle, casino and arcade online games. For a certain amount of activity in a game, you win 30 coins.

Join Cointiply

Cointiply is one of, if not the the #1 best way to win Bitcoins for free with so many different options available. It is definitely a site to sign up for.

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