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The Home Page was created in 2013 and is one of the best places to win Bitcoin. The site also has a secondary credit system called Reward Points, which can be used to buy extra benefits and are described at the end of this article.

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Faucet Faucet
The Faucet

The faucet on has 6 different prize levels and can be rolled hourly. The prizes are awarded in BTC but are tied to dollar amounts. The lowest level awards less than a cent (.2) and each level goes up 10x up to $200. The chance to win $200 is 1 in 10,000. The faucet also awards Reward Points, which can be used to increase the minimum reward.

Multiply BTC Multiply BTC Game
The Multiply BTC Game

Multiply BTC is a well-known hi-lo game, where the player places a bet and sets the odds of winning, then a random number is drawn. If the drawn number is higher or lower than a number based on the odds of winning, the player wins a profit that is scaled based on the odds of winning. This game also awards 1 lottery ticket and 1 reward point for each 500 satoshis wagered, and 1 golden ticket for each 500,000 satoshis.

Multiply BTC also has a jackpot option on top of normal wagering. By adding an extra amount to the wager, a jackpot of up to 1 BTC can be won if the roll lands on 8888. Jackpots start at 10,000 satoshis with an extra wager of 2 satoshis and end at 1 BTC with an extra wager of 12,500 satoshis.

Daily Jackpot Daily Jackpot Leaderboard Daily Jackpot Leaderboard Daily Jackpot Winners Daily Jackpot Winners

The Daily Jackpot can be won by waging and / or betting the highest number of Bitcoins on the site in one day. The prize is typically .2 to .3 BTC. Winners typically have to wager 10 to 100 BTC.

Betting Betting Events
A few of the Betting Events has many time-sensitive betting contests, where choosing the correct answer will win a portion of the prize pool. Early bets also benefit from a time weight multiple, which increases the share of the prize pool you can win by a percentage. Placing bets of certain sizes also rewards lottery tickets, reward points and golden tickets.

The winner of the 2020 Presidential Election4.69 BTC prize pool
The 2020 Democratic Nominee4.1 BTC prize pool
The 2020 Republican Nominee1.137 BTC prize pool
The price of Bitcoin at the end of May 20201 BTC prize pool
Popular betting contests at the time this post was written

There are also betting contest for sporting events, other cryptocurrent prices, and more.

Golden Tickets Golden Ticket Contest Golden Ticket Contest

Golden tickets are used to enter a drawing to win Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2 (and delivery to the United States), OR $200,000 of Bitcoins. The contest lasts for 6 months. To win Golden Tickets, you must play the Multiply BTC game or bet on an event. Every 500,000 satoshi wins 1 Golden Ticket. Golden tickets can also be purchased for 25,000 satoshi.

Bitcoin “Savings Account”

Users with a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi automatically earn interest at the annual rate of (as of May 2020) 4.08%, compounded daily. There is no lock-in period and your balance can be accessed and withdrawn at any time.

Lottery Lottery Prizes
Current Lottery Prizes

The Lottery is a week-long raffle-like random drawing for 10 Bitcoin prizes, with the top prize being approximately .5 BTC and the lowest at approximately .0009 BTC (prize amounts fluctuate each week). To enter this drawing, you can roll the free faucet (worth 2 tickets) or play the Multiply BTC game (1 ticket for every 500 satoshi wagered).

Wagering Contest Wagering Contest Winners Wagering Contest Winners

If you enjoy playing Multiply BTC and betting, you have a chance of winning a spot in the monthly wagering contest. To win, you must rank in the top 10 users by wagering volume, which typically requires at least 25 BTC worth of bets or gameplay. There are a total of $21,600 in prizes in this contest.

Reward Point Prizes

Reward Points can be used to buy electronics (cell phones, tables, etc.), hardware wallets, gift certificates, and bonuses (increased minimum BTC, lottery ticket and reward point faucet rewards). The physical rewards are VERY expensive in terms of Reward Points.

Join is one of, if not the the #1 best way to win Bitcoins for free. It is definitely worth a try.

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